The Philly Underbelly – “By The Scene. For The Scene.”

This, ladies and gentlemen, can be taken as a shameless plug. Be that as it may, I am delighted to have Dissociative Identity Productions write on The Philly Underbelly, an online blog/resource for everything going on within the DIY & otherwise Philly music scene (or best captured by their own motto, “By the Scene. For the Scene.”) An irreverent intake of all that makes Philly off, The Philly Underbelly‘s launch signals a, well, neat f’in’ method of knowing what the hell is going on without desperate phone calls and emails to ‘that guy I meet once at a show’ to figure out the details.

Founded and designed by Joe, Tom, & Elgin (last names not necessary, mkay?), The Philly Underbelly includes just about every DIY show and likewise around Philadelphia. From the constantly-busy folks of The Guild to the Clown Can Country Club boys, it plays a one-stop-shop (if there were any shopping to do…?) for what Philly provides best: mainly, grundgy and sweaty ass shows for the chaos neutral delinquent at heart. Mosh in a basement lit by Christmas lights or do that weird thing awkward people do with head bopping to that band your friend really likes but you don’t care for, frankly, it’s not my concern. What is my concern, however, is for you to check out an awesome piece of work from some folks you should really get to know.

Umm… that’s about it. Like/Follow ‘The Philly Underbelly‘ in whatever format you see fit. Now you have no excuse. Get yourself to a show and have a good time: you deserve it.

The Philly Underbelly

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