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Daphne Lee Martin – “Moxie” Interview & Album Radio Special

In case ya didn’t read my original article, let me just go ahead and summarize, though I imagine you can probably guess where this is going since I am, in fact, setting time aside to specifically write on this again. Yes, I thorough enjoyed Daphne Lee Martin‘s Moxie, the first of twin records: Frost & Moxie. Produced by Bill Readey at Fuzzy Rainbow Production, the album even includes John Panos of Mates of State along with her full band, “Raise the Rent“. Yet these are matters I have already discussed (again, just read the original article already if you’re curious).

The real reason for this article is that Dissociative Identity Productions & WKDU Philadelphia, 91.7 fm are proud and excited to host Daphne Lee Martin at the studio, around 6:30 pm EST (assuming the dreaded ‘punk time’ does not strike) to have an interview as well as an overall Moxie album radio special. This means an hour of tracks off the album, interview and the odd assortment of conversations which come with that territory, as well as some tracks of which have proven influential to the group as a whole. Yeah, it should make for quite an interesting hour so be sure to tune in either at 91.7 fm or simply by streaming through the WKDU site (top right hand corner). See ya then and just to get ya excited, not only is the full album streaming above but we’ve even got an official video for the single “Belly” below. Check it out and thanks for tuning in.

Daphne Lee Martin – Moxie

WKDU Philadelphia, 91.7 fm

– Cliff

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Daphne Lee Martin – Moxie

Sometimes, I feel just so damn classy. Something about exiting the world around me and entering my bedroom, blasting an album and living in the world of my own existence makes me feel like the most dignified person in the room (probably because I am the only one too). You indulge in a self reflection that is both selfish and scathing, apologetic and spiteful. Moxie, the new album by Daphne Lee Martin of Telegraph Recording Company, could perhaps be the soundtrack to this exact scenario. A 40 min stroll through devilishly delightful bluesy tunes, Moxie is the first of twin records: Frost & Moxie, or ‘treat a queen like a whore and a whore like a queen’ as explained by Daphne. In this case, Moxie is the unapologetic whore, expressing itself from the plaintive cries in tattered Whiskey & Sin to the madness of Molotov.

Produced by Bill Readey at Fuzzy Rainbow Production, Moxie takes Daphne’s beloved traditional southern roots sounds and runs them through megaphones, mellotron, a very old tube amp, as well as “a swamp and a dark alley or two”. Beginning with “Sweet and Low Down“, Daphne initiates the album with a skip through a sin city, if you will. Between cigarettes and Old Crow, the lyrics as well as the general feel is all too familiar: something I can only assume most readers can sympathize with. Those evenings idly staring off in a dive bar off the beaten path, fumbling through packs and thoughts of what lays ahead. And with a bass line that walks you through the ups and downs, it appears to never leave you throughout the rest of the album.

It is, of course, worth noting that not only does this album include Daphne’s full band “Raise the Rent“, Moxie also showcases some work by John Panos of Mates of State, an addition which oddly makes perfect sense. Regardless, Moxie stands out as an album which pays a well suited ode to the often abused bluesy melodies without falling into clichéd motifs. Grab a listen and, while you’re at it, a download. For those moments of classiness and isolation, Daphne‘s Moxie places the perfect companion. Which makes me all the more excited to meet Frost.

Daphne Lee Martin – Moxie

– Cliff

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