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Eureka The Butcher – Music For Mothers

Eureka the Butcher, the solo pseudonym of Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez (of Zechs Marquise/The Mars Volta) releases his debut album today! The recording, Music For Mothers, is dedicated to Frances Sarah Rodriguez-Lopez, Marcel‘s mother who passed away last year. In regards to the dedication, Marcel writes that “she is the reason why I started playing the piano. She told me that it was great that I wanted to play drums, but if I played the piano, I could create music and play to a room full of people by myself. I didn’t start playing drums for another 4 years, and I wouldn’t start playing piano for another 7 or so. That’s when I started making electronic music. Making music under the Eureka name gives me that ability: to make music.”

Made while on tour with The Mars Volta and Zechs Marquise, the project progressed in buses, vans, planes, dressing rooms, airports, hotel rooms, backyards, sidewalks, and what I can only assume was a couple of really dingy dive bars. Music for Mothers is intended to serve almost as a testament to the idleness and boredom which inevitable lingers while on the road. While the album was intended as a therapeutic journal of sorts, the music is specifically intended  “for all mothers…for all families. I hope that it will inspire other people to make music for their mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers… if my mom hadn’t pushed me to learn other aspects of music, I would be sampling records and it wouldn’t be as rewarding to me. Sampling records properly is an art form in itself, but i knew it wasn’t for me.”

As far as the act itself, Eureka the Butcher is a barrage of sound, chopping and slicing bits and pieces of rhythms of the larger Rodriguez-Lopez including The Mars Volta. Marcel explains to Fusion Magazine that the name “comes from the nature of editing; the Butcher part from cutting up sound, chopping up beats to make up new things; the Eureka part comes from when it all comes together.” With a collage of psychedelic samplings and prog-rock meanderings, I’d say that name fairly sums up the experience in an elegant manner for those scared of the emotional connection explanation provided earlier.  You can snag your copy of Music For Mothers via Rodriguez Lopez Productions and be sure to check out all them social network sites below to figure out what the hell they’re up to. Here’s to mothers and great music: who would’ve guessed they’d be hand in hand?

Eureka The Butcher – Sargent House
Eureka The Butcher – Tumblr
Eureka The Butcher – Twitter


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Big Sir- Before Gardens After Gardens

Singer/composer Lisa Papineau has made an impact in the indie-pop scene with such contributions including Air and M83. Bassist/composer Juan Alderete has been making a career of spacey-noodley psych rock with his work at Mars Volta. Combine the two and you get something known simply as Big Sir. Premiering the second track from their forthcoming new album off of RCRD LBL, “Our Pleasant Home” features fellow Mars Volta alumni Cedric Bixler-Zavala on drums and provides a timely introduction to the unheard momentum of their album, “Before Gardens After Gardens“, due February 7th, 2012. This will be the second track already released for the album, with “Ready On the Line” already released a little under a month ago.

Born in the late 90s, Big Sir is a enigma of electronic and analog beats, with Alderete’s fretless bass and Papineau’s dynamic voice sewn in seemlessly. “Before Gardens, After Gardens” gives listeners samples of danceable pop the likes of Billboard 100, yet at other moments, it can come across as haunting, like visiting an old car-crash site. Furthermore, as Sargent Records states, “the fear and uncertainty that we all face in contemplation of death, and the varying ways we all make peace with it is the basis of the album’s overall concept.” With such an introduction, I can only expect how epic this album could be, like Big Sir’s answer to Arcade Fire’sFuneral“. Yet this theme spreads far more sublimaly then one might think. As Lisa Papineau explains, “the hymn ‘Amazing Grace’ speaks to the death of pride,” She continues by stating that, “the death of believing yourself to be omnipotent, and how joyful and sweet this humble giving-in can be. So, on our album, Death is a ship, and her name is The Calico.”

Before Gardens After Gardens” is said to host a whole string of appearances including Mars Volta’s Cedric Bixler-Zavala on drums, Broken Bells’ bassist Jonathan Hischke, multi-instrumentalist Matthieu Lesenechal, violist Heather Lockie (Mike Watt, Listing Ship), Matthew Embree (ME & LP), Mars Volta drummer Deantoni Parks, and even bonus tracks featuring Money Mark Ramos-Nishita and David Sims of Jesus Lizard. Between the unabashed pop hooks of “Ready On the Line“, to the shimmering organ and lightly brushed drums of “The Kindest Hour“, to the plaintive piano that leads “Born with a Tear“, it is clear that “Before Gardens After Gardens” will be an album of subtlety creative instrumental harmony and vocal melody. And with a combo like Mars Volta and M83, my question is: why not?


01) Regions

02) Ready On The Line

03) Infidels

04) Right Action

05) The Ladder

06) The Kindest Hour

07) Old Blood

08) Born With A Tear

09) Be Brave Go On

10) Our Pleasent Home

11) 1 Thousand Petals

Big Sir Website

Big Sir Facebook

Big Sir Twitter

– Cliff

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