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Unkle Funkle – Picture of My Dick

Gnar TV recently premiered their newest video, Picture Of My Dick by Unkle Funkle, the side project of Chris Uehlein of White Fang. Directed by Unkle Funkle and Brian Echon, the video features three men swaying/dancing within a blank white room, nearly nude (the three men? Mikey Peterman AKA 99¢, Justin Leon Johnson aka J Green, and the funky monkey himself Unkle Funkle). This was all done in the attempt to represent Unkle Funkle’s new album, which will be available on vinyl this week via Marriage Records, digitally via Gnar Tapes, and on cassette in the next few weeks via Burger Records.

You caught me: I couldn’t resist. With a name like that, you can only expect Dissociative Identity Productions to write at least something. Yet the video, as a preview to the whole album, does show a large amount of promise. First and foremost, yes, White Fang has a great sound so I naturally hold excitement about any side project with this kind of experience. Second, and the real reason I’m writing this article, is that its pretty f’in good. It has a distorted pop anthem with vocals seemingly reminiscent Liars, followed by a reflective melody which, dare I say it, brings up Real Estate. All in a video entitled “Picture of My Dick“. Yeah…it’s weirdly impressive.

So stay tuned for the whole album, an album which I look forward to reviewing as well. If “Picture of My Dick” is any cue, then it should be interesting to say the least…

Unkle Funkle

– Cliff

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